Acute Injuries and Injury-Related Musculoskeletal Conditions


Acute injuries among active duty, nondeployed US Army soldiers are characterized by the types of injuries incurred, as well as the bodily site of the injuries. Two types of analytical injury matrices are available to further describe acute injuries and injury-related musculoskeletal conditions: (1) the Barell Injury Diagnosis matrix1 and (2) the injury-related musculoskeletal conditions matrix.2 Matrices report ICD-9-CM code frequencies by type of injury and body region. (Reference Table 6D.1 PDF CSV and Table 6D.2 PDF CSV)    

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  • 2.  Hauret KG, Jones BH, Bullock SH, Canham-Chervak M, Canada S: Musculoskeletal injuries: Description of an under-recognized injury problem among military personnel. Am J Prev Med 2010;38(1S):S61-S70.


  • 2014

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