Cause of Injuries


The leading cause of unintentional injury hospitalizations in 2012 was land transport accidents (20%), followed by falls or near-falls (16%). Parachuting and guns/explosives accounted for 8% each. A total of 6% of unintentional injury hospitalizations were due to sports and another 6% were due to heat injury. The top nine causes of unintentional injuries accounted for nearly three-fourths of hospitalizations (74%). Intervention strategies to address many of these issues are available.
 Leading Causes of Unintentional Hospitalizations by Cause, U.S. Army Active Duty, 2012
The leading causes of unintentional injury outpatient visits in 2012 were attributed to overexertion (27%), falls (16%), and injuries due to soldiers being struck by or against objects or other people (16%).
Leading Causes of Unintentional Injury Outpatient Visits by E-Code Groupings, U.S. Army Active Duty, 2012


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