Team Sports Injuries

Children & Adolescents Sports Injuries

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Scott B. Rosenfeld, MD

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Sylvia I. Watkins-Castillo, PhD

Team sports, both organized and informal, accounted for just under one-half (47%, or 853,100 injuries) of all sports-related injuries reported. Basketball had the highest number of team sport related injuries at 33%, and was closely followed by football at 32%.

Team sport injuries to males were three times the number reported for females. The only sport in which female injuries outnumber male injuries is volleyball. Nearly half (45%) of team sport injuries to children and adolescents occurred during the high school years (age 14 to 17 years), with another 28% in the junior-high age range of 11 to 13 years. (Reference Table 7.7.1 PDF CSV)

Team Sports Injuries for Children and Adolescents Age 20  and Under, United States 2012

The most common musculoskeletal injury incurred was a sprain or strain, accounting for 46% of team sport injuries. Volleyball had the highest proportion of sprains and strains, followed by basketball. Baseball led in contusion injuries, while fractures occurred most frequently in football, hockey (including field, ice, and roller hockey), and soccer. (Reference Table 7.7.2 PDF CSV)

Type of Musculoskeletal Injuries From Team1 Sport Activities Treated in Emergency Departments (ED), United States 2011-2013

Only 1% of team sport injuries were serious enough to result in hospitalization.


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