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Sylvia I. Watkins-Castillo, PhD

Additional data on costs can be found directly in the data tables associated with this chapter. Due to limited variability, small samples, and the desire to highlight primary key findings, not all data in the tables is discussed. In addition, data on specific conditions (spine, arthritis and related conditions, osteoporosis, and injuries), as well as the child and adolescent section, are discussed within the pages relative to each condition or population.

The two tables below will help identify specific Economic Cost tables that contain data of interest. To enlarge it, click on the table of interest. To download the Tables by Title and File click here. To download the Tables by Title and Content, click here.

To view all musculoskeletal data tables, select the Tables tab at the top of any page in this section. PDF and CSV files of all tables in the Economic Cost section also can be downloaded in a zip file from the Tables tab.


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