ICD-9-CM Injury Codes


Analysis includes all 5-digit codes within each three-digit category.

    Trunk and Multiple Site Fractures
        Fracture of rib(s) sternum, larynx, and trachea:  807
        Fracture of pelvis: 808
        Ill‐defined fractures of bones of trunk:  809
        Multiple fractures involving both upper limbs and upper limb with rib(s) and sternum: 819
        Multiple fractures involving both lower limbs lower with upper limb and lower limb(s) with rib(s) and sternum: 828
Fracture of unspecified bones: 829
Upper Limb Fractures
Fracture of clavicle: 810
Fracture of scapula: 811
Fracture of humerus: 812
Fracture of radius and ulna: 813
Fracture of carpal bone(s): 814
Fracture of metacarpal bone(s): 815
Fracture of one or more phalanges of hand: 816
Multiple fractures of hand bones: 817
Ill-defined fractures of upper limb: 818
Multiple fractures involving both upper limbs and upper limb with rib(s) and sternum: 819
Lower Limb Fractures
Fracture of neck of femur: 820
Fracture of other and unspecified parts of femur: 821
Fracture of patella: 822
Fracture of tibia and fibula: 823
Fracture of ankle: 824
Fracture of one or more tarsal and metatarsal bones: 825
Fracture of one or more phalanges of foot: 826
Other multiple and ill‐defined fractures of lower limb: 827

Internal derangement of knee: 717
Other derangement of joint: 718

Upper Limb Dislocation
Dislocation of shoulder: 831
Dislocation of elbow: 832
Dislocation of wrist: 833
Dislocation of finger: 834
Lower Limb Dislocation
Dislocation of hip: 835
Dislocation of knee: 836
Dislocation of ankle: 837
Dislocation of foot: 838
Other Site Dislocation
Other multiple and ill‐defined dislocations: 839

Upper Limb Sprains/Strains
Sprains and strains of shoulder and upper arm: 840
Sprains and strains of elbow and forearm: 841
Sprains and strains of wrist and hand: 842
Lower Limb Sprains/Strains
Sprains and strains of hip and thigh: 843
Sprains and strains of knee and leg: 844
Sprains and strains of ankle and foot: 845
Back and Spine Sprains/Strains (also included in Spine Chapter)
Sprains and strains of sacroiliac region: 846
Sprains and strains of other and unspecified parts of back: 847
Other Site Sprains/Strains
Other and ill‐defined sprains and strains: 848

Contusion of trunk: 922
Contusion of upper limb: 923
Contusion of lower limb and of other and unspecified sites: 924

Crushing Injuries
Crushing injury of trunk: 926
Crushing injury of upper limb: 927
Crushing injury of lower limb: 928
Crushing injury of multiple and unspecified sites: 929

Open Wound
Open Wound of Trunk and Chest
Open wound of neck: 874
Open wound of chest (wall): 875
Open wound of back: 876
Open wound of buttock: 877
Open wound of other and unspecified sites except limbs: 879
Open Wound of Upper Limb
Open wound of shoulder and upper arm: 880
Open wound of elbow forearm and wrist: 881
Open wound of hand except finger(s) alone: 882
Open wound of finger(s): 883
Multiple and unspecified open wound of upper limb: 884
Open Wound of Lower Limb
Open wound of hip and thigh: 890
Open wound of knee leg (except thigh) and ankle: 891
Open wound of foot except toe(s) alone: 892
Open wound of toe(s): 893
Multiple and unspecified open wound of lower limb: 894

Traumatic Amputation
Traumatic amputation of Upper Limb
Traumatic amputation of thumb (complete) (partial): 885
Traumatic amputation of other finger(s) (complete) (partial): 886
Traumatic amputation of arm and hand (complete) (partial): 887
Traumatic amputation of Lower Limb
Traumatic amputation of toe(s) (complete) (partial): 895
Traumatic amputation of foot (complete) (partial): 896
Traumatic amputation of leg(s) (complete) (partial): 897

Late Effect of Injury
Injury to other nerve(s) of trunk excluding shoulder and pelvic girdles: 954
Injury to peripheral nerve(s) of shoulder girdle and upper limb: 955
Injury to peripheral nerve(s) of pelvic girdle and lower limb: 956
Injury to other and unspecified nerves: 957
Injury other and unspecified: 959

Ecodes-Penetrating Injuries
Firearms: 965.0-965.4, 922.0-922.9, 955.0-955.4, 970.0, 985.0-985.4
Explosives: 965.5-965.9, 923.0-923.9, 955.5-955.9, 971.0, 985.5-985.7
Stabbing device: 956.0, 966.0, 974.0, 986.0



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