Location/Activity at Time of Injury


Lead Author(s): 

Jaimo Ahn, MD, PhD, FACS
Arvind D Nana, MD
Gudrun Mirick, MD
Anna N Miller, MD, FACS

Supporting Author(s): 

Sylvia I Watkins-Castillo, PhD

It has long been known that most injuries occur in or around the home, in part because of the time spent at home versus other locations. In 2013-2015, persons self-reporting injuries reported one-half of the injuries for which they sought medical treatment occurred in the home (32%) or outside the home or farm (17%). Female individuals are more likely to report an injury occurring inside the home than are male individuals (37% versus 22%). Other common places of injuries to occur are public buildings (13%) and public streets (12%). Male individuals report injuries occurring in public buildings more than do female ones (22%, 13% respectively). Age is also a factor in where injuries occur, with 75% of injuries reported by persons age 65 and over occurring in or around the home while those age 18 or younger have more injuries at school (28%) or in a public facility (22%). Race/ethnicity and geographic region are not factors in where injuries occur. (Reference Table 5A.2.1 PDF CSV)

The type of activity engaged in does not differ significantly as a cause of musculoskeletal injuries. Sports, non-sport leisure activities, and working in and around the home or workplace are the cause of similar numbers of injuries for which medical care is sought. There are slight differences between male and female individuals, but age is a greater factor, with those age 65 and older reporting working at home (27%) or an “other” activity (42%) while young people under 18 are more likely to be injured during sport activities (41%). Race/ethnicity and geographic region are neither one a factor in the type of activity engaged in when injuries occur. (Reference Table 5A.2.1 PDF CSV; Table 5A.2.2 PDF CSV; Table 5A.2.3 PDF CSV; Table 5A.2.4 PDF CSV)


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