Unmet Needs


Lead Author(s): 

Lt Michelle M Gosselin, MD, Primary
Lt Col Christopher T. LeBrun, MD

Supporting Author(s): 

Sylvia I Watkins-Castillo, PhD
  • Educating military providers on medical coding within the military system to ensure accurate data for continued analysis to direct future research and funding.
  • Identifying those at risk for stress fractures, particularly in boot camp, and continuing investigation on prevention strategies and nutritional supplementation.  
  • Additional research on efficacy of pre-training protocols in preventing acute musculoskeletal injuries such as fractures, ligament ruptures, and joint dislocations in the active duty military population.
  • Research to identify risk factors and develop preventive interventions in post-traumatic osteoarthritis to curb the detrimental effects on the aging military community.
  • Continued investigation into the inter-relation of chronic pain, prior musculoskeletal injury, and psychological issues with the active duty and veteran communities.
  • Providing resources to those medically discharged due to musculoskeletal injury/condition and aiding in the transition from Active-Duty to Civilian based medical care.
  • Educating Civilian providers on the unique musculoskeletal injuries and psychological challenges in caring for the prior service member as they transition to Civilian or Veterans Affairs care.
  • Continued research and technology of prosthetics in amputees, especially osteointegration



  • Fourth Edition

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